Young Consumers Embrace Credit for Budget Management

May 21, 2024
min read

While credit cards are commonly associated with rewards, a recent study by i2c reveals a unique trend among younger consumers. Unlike their older counterparts, Generation Z utilizes credit primarily to better manage their spending habits.

The study, based on a census-balanced survey of nearly 3,400 U.S. consumers, highlights a shift in credit card usage motivations across generations. Millennials, Generation X, and baby boomers prioritize rewards, while Generation Z values spending management.

Despite a cautious approach to spending, consumer purchases are on the rise. JPMorgan Chase CFO Jeremy Barnum notes stable consumer spending trends, with the Personal Consumption Expenditures index showing a significant increase in February alone.

Moreover, consumers are displaying a preference for national brands over store-brand alternatives, signaling a shift away from budget-focused shopping behaviours. Procter & Gamble's CFO Andre Schulten emphasizes the resilience of national brand preferences, indicating a departure from previous cost-saving measures.

In essence, while rewards remain a driving force for credit card usage, younger consumers are reshaping the narrative by embracing credit as a tool for prudent budget management in an evolving economic landscape.