Restaurant Owners are “Very Concerned” about their credit card processing fees. We're here to help!

October 23, 2013
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According to a recent survey conducted by the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA), members are concerned about the costs associated with credit card acceptance.

Of the restaurant and food businesses surveyed, 93% of all members are “very concerned” about rising credit card processing fees. Another 79% says that fees from Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx cause a “significant impact” on their restaurant’s bottom line.

Finally, a frequent issue that we come across when dealing with new merchants who do not currently work with us is that “72% do not fully understand the fees they are paying”(source newswire).

At Kubera, we go above and beyond to not only reduce business credit card processing fees, but also help businesses understand the fees they are paying.

On top of monthly fees, statement fees, gateway fees, non-qualified fees, transaction fees…etc. Credit card processing can be complicated for busy business owners. This is why we prefer to build a strong relationship with our merchants and take our time to simply their payments by ensuring that their credit card acceptance costs are low, easy and understandable.

We also offer pricing analysis on a merchant’s credit card processing fees or monthly merchant statement. This is a simple easy to read comparison that portrays what a merchant would pay by working with Kubera against their current fees. Merchants are able to ask any question they like about the analysis and we ensure that every detail is understood in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

At the end of the day, we care most about our merchant’s satisfaction as our business grows with theirs. Yet another great reason why helping our increase their bottom line by reducing fees is so crucial.

Have a question regarding your credit card processing rates and fees? Talk to an expert at Kubera. We’ll show you how we can reduce your fees, ensure you fully understand the costs associated with accepting credit cards and give you the best customer satisfaction in the industry. Click here to contact us. More about Kubera.