Kubera Merchants Safe from MasterCard/Visa Security Breach

March 30, 2012
min read

We are proud to announce none of our Merchant Accounts should have been affected by today's data breach. According to NY Times, Atlanta's Global Payments Inc experienced an ongoing data breach between January 21st and February 25th.If you do own a VISA or MasterCard credit card you should be cautions of potential fraudulent transactions.

Earlier today VISA and MasterCard were warning banks of a possible breach that could have put the personal information of millions of credit cardholders at risk.

VISA & MasterCard stock both dropped today (-0.84% & -1.79). MasterCard hired an independent data security organization and law enforcement officials to look into the breach, and VISA has acknowledged a possible data compromise of an outside company. Thankfully neither Card Brand's systems have been compromised.

Global Payments stock dropped an outstanding 9.06% today before trading on the stock was halted.  So far there are no reported indications that cardholders have experienced resulting fraudulent transactions.We will update this post as soon as any more information on the issue surfaces.  For updates continue reading our blog and follow our twitter account.