Finserv Adds Tap to Pay on iPhone for Small Business

April 30, 2023
min read

As of April 24, 2023, both small and medium-sized businesses can use Tap to Pay on iPhone for accepting payments via the Clover Go iOS app, Finserv announced (Clover’s parent company).

As an extension to the Clover POS system, Clover Go, merchants can leverage Apple Tap to Pay. Apple Tap to Pay allows merchants to accept card payments without any additional hardware – turning Apple iPhones into contactless payment terminals. This is extremely useful for merchants who are on the go, need to accept payments away from their kiosk, at a table…etc. 

Global head of Clover, Dan Bjerke said “small businesses want to streamline their operations, sell more, and connect with their customers no matter where they are.” 

He also stated that, “Clover powers omnichannel technology and capabilities that enable us to meet their needs. By enabling Tap to Pay on iPhone, businesses can increase flexibility and expand customer engagement with the efficiency of using a device they already own.” 

“We are often servicing commercial vehicles on the side of the road in remote locations where efficiency is key,” says Alfredo Diaz, owner of Alfredo’s Tires and Roadside Assistance. “Using Tap to Pay on iPhone through the Clover Go app allows us to complete the service, take the payment and get our customers back on the road as quickly and safely as possible."

Tap to Pay on iPhone can be enabled using iPhone XS and above running iOS 16 or higher. The process is quick and easy to set-up. 

First, businesses need to download and install the Clover Go iOS app from the Apple App store. Once installed, businesses follow the prompts within the app to get setup and from there they are able to use their iPhone to accept any form of contactless payment; Apple Pay, other digital wallets, credit and debit cards.