Case Study: Creating a Secure Payments Experience for the BCCE

September 25, 2023
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The British Columbia Chamber Executives (BCCE) is a non-profit organization that offers resources, education, and networking support among the managers of the Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade in British Columbia. The BCCE provides a network of shared resources and information, including professional development and mentorship to the Chambers.

Since 2010, the BC Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Kubera Payments to provide payment processing solutions for its members across the province of British Columbia.


The Goal

The BCCE was looking for a payments solution that would allow their members and sponsors to securely pay member dues and event attendance invoices. The solution needed strong security, with multiple payment options in a seamless and hassle-free process.


The Solution

Upon reviewing the BCCE’s payment requirements and discussing several options, Kubera recommended Worldline’s Custom Checkout as the BCCE’s optimal payments solution.

Worldline’s Custom Checkout is a payment processing solution that allows businesses to accept payments through a fully customizable, secure checkout page. Kubera recommended this solution because it caters to each of the BCCE’s requirements:

  1. Safe and Secure Payments: Security is a top priority for BCCE. Worldline’s Custom Checkout uses a unique tokenization service that keeps customer information safe and secure. Payment information becomes tokenized once collected, and the token is used to complete the payment. Upon completion of payment, the token can be saved as a payment profile for future purchases without the need to collect card information again.
  2. Multiple Payment Options: It is very important for BCCE to ensure that their members and sponsors can access their preferred payment method. Worldline’s Custom Checkout allows for payment processing via all major card brands and the digital wallets associated with those card brands. 
  3. Hassle-free and Customizable Integration: Instead of using cheques and invoice links, Wordline’s Custom Checkout allows BCCE to create a secure, brandable experience to accept payments. Customers never get redirected away from the main website, reducing the PCI scope of the integration. BCCE is able to design their Custom Checkout experience to allow their customers to feel safe and secure while making payments.


The Result

Using Worldline’s Custom Checkout allowed BCCE to streamline their operations while creating a seamless payments experience. BCCE has complete control over the user experience and reduced their administrative time collecting payment information.

"The Worldline solution, suggested by Kubera Payments, has been a great fit for our requirements and allows us to send out our invoices in conjunction with a secure payment link we use to collect payment. This has allowed us to eliminate the potential for the insecure transfer of credit card information by email and reduced our administrative time taking card information over the phone. The pricing, as deployed by Kubera, is very aggressive relative to other options in the marketplace, and the service we receive from their team is extremely responsive and helpful. I would recommend the Kubera team and Worldline’s Custom Checkout solution to any business with similar requirements!"   

Shelley Morris, Association Manager, BCCE (BC Chamber Executives)